Mosquito Control in Outdoor Spaces

Mosquito control in outdoor spaces might sound impossible, but you have options. Mosquitoes can be annoying in outdoor areas during the warmer months, especially since they carry various diseases–including the West Nile virus.

Professional pest control companies can implement an effective mosquito barrier treatment plan on your property that kills mosquitoes at every stage of their lifecycle, effectively decreasing mosquito populations. It is safe and economical.

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Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes can cause discomfort and spread disease. Therefore, mosquito control is often at the top of the minds of homeowners during the spring and summer months. With the right solutions, you can stop mosquitoes from invading your personal space and yard, making outdoor enjoyment possible without fear of bites. To successfully repel them, you deserve nothing but the most effective, lasting solutions.

Citronella can mask the scents that attract mosquitoes–such as pheromones, feces, and other organic substances that mosquitoes prefer feeding on. However, citronella candles often provide unreliable and ineffective results for your time, effort, and budget.

Mosquito sprays can offer some of the best mosquito control and prevention for the outdoor spaces of your valuable property. Suppose you are planning an outdoor gathering with family and friends. In that case, it’s essential to ensure that any mosquito spray solution provides you with quality, lasting results to protect all residents and guests. While other DIY mosquito control sprays and other companies’ products and solutions can give inconsistent, short-lasting results, you can always trust Skeeter Beater in Chicagoland to bring you eco-friendly, high-quality solutions and products. The best mosquito repellents to reward your time and effort are eco-friendly, reliable, and attuned to your unique needs, area mosquitos, and outdoor property spaces. If your outdoor spaces are experiencing a mosquito problem, one crucial initial step is to drain any stagnant water to slow breeding processes and stop mosquitoes from returning.

Mosquito Control in Outdoor Spaces

Mosquitoes can cause severe irritation, leaving welts. Plus, they carry serious diseases like the Zika virus. Luckily, plenty of strategies, such as those from Skeeter Beater, are available to keep mosquitoes out of your yard and home, eliminating current populations and preventing future mosquitoes.

Planting certain species that naturally repel mosquitoes, such as lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, basil, and lavender, can also aid proven professional solutions in deter mosquitoes and other insects. These plants repel insects with their natural fragrances, which repel mosquitoes and introduce beautiful scents throughout your garden. If you don’t want to douse yourself or your garden in harsh chemical bug sprays, you can grow some plants to help keep mosquitoes away naturally. Plant these near where you and your guests spend most of your time, like a seating area or a doorway. Mixing essential oils from these plants with water may also provide some results against mosquitoes and other bugs. 

Cleaning gutters and drainage lines regularly is another effective way to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in rainwater. You also want to clear away tree stumps, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, or other items holding rainwater pools. 

Smoke can effectively deter mosquitoes from your yard and patio, particularly with an outdoor firepit or fireplace. Burn eucalyptus, sage, or rosemary to produce additional smoke while creating an inviting scent that may deter mosquitoes from coming close. 

If you want a solution that will effectively linger year after year, consider inviting birds and bats that feed on mosquitoes to your backyard. Putting up bird feeders or installing bat houses could help control mosquitoes and other pesky creatures that might otherwise be inconvenient in your space.

 Another method to achieve lasting mosquito control in outdoor spaces is to remove any areas in your yard where mosquitoes have an easy hiding place, such as tall grass or dense trees, providing them a haven. Pruning shrubs and trimming bushes to minimize hiding spaces for mosquitoes will help decrease their numbers. Cutting back vegetation that attracts these biting pests will also help. You should also replace broken window screens to help keep mosquitoes at bay and repair or replace damaged screen doors and outdoor patio, porch, and pergola doors as needed.

If you live in an area with heavy mosquito activity, limit your outdoor time between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active to reduce itchy welts from bites. It will also help ensure a more pleasant outdoor experience overall.

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Outside

Mosquito control in outdoor spaces can be easy if you follow professional strategies: keeping outdoor spaces free from standing water, planting mosquito-deterring flowers and plants, and using the effective solutions of a trusted professional. The caring experts at Skeeter Beater know how to get rid of mosquitoes outside using only the best mosquito repellent and equipment.

With the help of the mosquito control and prevention experts at Skeeter Beater, you can stay safe and get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces with the best mosquito repellent. Our high-quality, eco-friendly, and attuned solutions include one-time event spraying, weekly scheduled applications, ULV broadcast and wet barrier applications, breeding site extermination, fogging systems, and party packages.

While learning to control and repel mosquitoes takes time and dedication, it can pay off in spades. By decreasing standing water levels, planting flowers and plants, and leaving the hard work to trusted professionals, you can eliminate and prevent mosquitoes. Skeeter Beater uses only the best repellents. Knowing how to get rid of mosquitoes outside can help you protect yourself today.

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