Backyard Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control for Your Backyard

After a harsh Chicagoland winter, you’re probably more than ready to enjoy the upcoming warmer months. We can hardly wait for the sunshine, nice weather, and barbecues. However, the summer also brings mosquitoes back. In addition to the usual yard work you may do to get your home ready for the summer, you might want to consider mosquito control for your backyard. When you have bug spray or another mosquito repellent for a yard ready to go, you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer. We’ll go through what bug sprays for houses are available, as well as the best mosquito control for yards.

Bug Spray for Houses

To repel bugs, and especially mosquitoes, you can find bug spray for houses. They do count as mosquito control for your backyard because you can spray them near your house to limit the number of bugs that make their way into your home. Bugs inside your home are nothing to joke about, and it’s best to use bug spray for houses before it’s even a problem. Mosquitoes love marshy areas and lakes, and because Chicagoland is full of lakes and is right next to Lake Michigan, mosquitoes can be relentless in the area.

There are indoor bug spray solutions for when you do find bugs inside your home. There are also perimeter bug sprays for application right outside your home. These sprays are simple DIY options that can quickly take care of a bug problem. However, these sprays are short-term solutions. If you’re looking for a long-term solution or you find your mosquito problem is worsening, you should consider professional mosquito control for your backyard to provide a reliable, long-lasting fix to the problem.

Mosquito Control for Yards

While bug spray for houses helps prevent and limit the number of bugs that can get into your home, heavy-duty mosquito control for yards is a more permanent solution to fix a big mosquito problem. Now we’ll go into DIY mosquito repellent for a yard as well as professional mosquito control for yards. These solutions can help you better ward off mosquitoes throughout the summer for a longer span of time than indoor and perimeter sprays. Effectively managing mosquitoes during the summer is crucial for health safety.

Yard Spray Mosquito Control Methods

DIY mosquito control for your backyard can include the bug spray options we discussed earlier. However, if you’re looking for a more powerful option, you can choose backyard bug sprays that can be very tough against mosquitoes and other bugs. These solutions can include both chemical and natural oil products that are effective at controlling mosquitoes throughout the summer. However, these insecticides can affect non-pest bugs like bees. To avoid the harmful effects on bees, be sure to apply these products to the targeted areas and not around flowers. You can also opt for bug-repellent devices that emit scents mosquitoes don’t like.

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Removing Mosquito Larvae

If you have a small pond or body of water on your property, you can also look out for mosquito larvae and kill them. The larvae like to hang out by the surface of the water, so be sure to keep a lookout and remove them while they’re in the larval stage. 

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

If you like to garden, this solution might be for you. There are certain plants and flowers that naturally repel mosquitoes because of their scents. Flowers like marigolds, lavender, bee balm, and allium, as well as plants like sage, basil, and mint can repel mosquitoes from your yard. Rather than dealing with harmful chemicals, you can go for the more scenic option of planting these flowers to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Natural Mosquito Removal

The final DIY mosquito control method is protecting the insects and animals that naturally prey on mosquitoes. These include spiders, dragonflies, birds, and bats. As long as these insects and animals aren’t pests themselves on your property, let them help you take care of the mosquitoes around your home. While you might be tempted to swat them away, they are effective at catching mosquitoes. You can even leave birdseed out around your yard to attract more birds to help.

Professional Mosquito Management Services

For an even longer-term and more powerful solution, you can go with professional mosquito management services. Professional mosquito removers know what to look out for when killing mosquitoes and where to place mosquito repellent. They also have expertise regarding the best products to use in different situations and yard types. Professionals will work with you and your home to make sure it’s getting the best mosquito management products it needs. They have the professional equipment to take on challenging mosquito problems and are more effective than DIY methods. You can choose to go with the professionals for a one-time solution, or you can keep their services over the whole summer to make sure mosquitoes don’t get in the way during the warmer months. 

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Mosquito Repellent in Chicagoland

At Skeeter Beater, we use only the safest and most effective repellents and control methods so our community can enjoy a mosquito-free summer. When you’re searching for mosquito repellent in Chicagoland, you can choose us, since we’re proudly locally owned and operated. Mosquitoes can be relentless in the summer, especially because Chicagoland is full of lakes and other bodies of water, which mosquitoes love. Our team of mosquito control technicians is trained, licensed, and highly skilled at killing and repelling mosquitoes in backyards. We’re based in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, and we provide service to all of the Chicagoland areas. For mosquito repellent in Chicagoland, we’re ready and equipped to handle any mosquito problem your home might have.


From a range of DIY options to professional mosquito management, there are a number of ways to deal with mosquitoes during the summer. Mosquito repellent in Chicagoland doesn’t have to be difficult, which is why we recommend choosing professional mosquito management services to do a great job. DIY options like sprays or planting mosquito-repellent flowers certainly alleviate a short-term problem, but professional mosquito control for your backyard is much more effective and lasts longer. It helps you enjoy a truly mosquito-free summer.

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