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No one likes mosquitoes. These bugs are generally pretty bothersome to humans, especially during the summer months. There’s a lot of great information about repelling mosquitoes out there on the web, but there are also plenty of faux fixes that people like to proclaim as the best. 

Many people who claim to be for more natural remedies spread misinformation in order to sell more products. But how do you really know whether something you found online will actually work or not? What if you’re just wasting precious time and money? 

Most people have limited time and want to save their money for more important things than solving a mosquito infestation. However, it’s incredibly important to protect yourself against mosquitoes if you seem to encounter them often. Not only will it save you from suffering from the itchy red bumps they produce on your skin, but it will also protect you against developing any potential blood borne diseases. 


Background on Mosquitoes


Most people are familiar enough with mosquitoes. In fact, we would venture to say that most people in the world have been bitten by a mosquito before. That said, most people try to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes when they are around. Warding off these pests is a universal struggle for the human race. There are around 3,000 types of mosquitoes in the world and 200 of these types of mosquitoes reside in the United States. Each type of mosquito exhibits different behaviors than the others and resides in different areas. 

However, all of these mosquitoes need blood to feed on, whether it’s from a human, a dog, a horse, or some other animal. While all mosquito types are attracted to standing water, different types of mosquitoes are drawn to different sources of water. Mosquitoes tend to steer clear of anywhere potential predators may be lurking, so breeding sites usually pop up in temporary spots, like puddles. 

Protecting humans from disease ridden mosquitoes has become a health strategy. We have learned to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, as well as how to control the populations of mosquitoes in many areas. Clearing bodies of standing water and active mosquito nests are some of the most effective ways we keep these diseases from spreading in the human population. 


Mosquito Yard Treatment

yard treatment

If you think that mosquitoes might be invading your yard, it might be time to take a step up and do something about it. But if you’ve never treated a mosquito problem before, you don’t necessarily know what to do right off the bat. You can hire a company to fix up your yard for you and rid you of your mosquito issue. 

But, if you want to save yourself some money, it’s not difficult to find out what makes mosquitoes tick and beat them at their own game. The first step of mosquito control is, as we mentioned earlier, clearing any current breeding grounds on your property. 

Of course, in order to solve the problem, you have to pick at the root of the issue. Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, simply getting rid of these bodies of water. After removing them, you must keep up the practice of clearing whatever water makes its way to your yard, or else you risk mosquitoes finding them and breeding again. And you especially want to clear the water at least within the week that it appears. 

Your options when it comes to destroying a mosquito breeding ground, you can either drain, dump, or fill them. If none of these options work for you, you can use a mosquito insecticide, also known as larvicide. These products are completely safe to use with pets running around the yard, and it is not toxic to birds or fish. 


Best Mosquito Control

If you’re looking for very temporary relief or protection from mosquitoes, a fogger might be the best solution for you. Perhaps it’s summer and you’re having a backyard birthday party or barbecue. You don’t want mosquitoes flying around all of the guests and by the food. Mosquitoes tend not to create a pleasant environment to be in. This is where foggers come in. 

After they leave their breeding site, mosquitoes will hide somewhere dark or shady before they hunt down their prey. You can direct the fog in bushes and more secure, shady areas in your yard to kill off these mosquitoes. The way that foggers work is that they produce very tiny particles of insecticide into the leaves that will kill adult mosquitoes. 

You can also use backyard residual sprays to alleviate your mosquito problem. When removing standing water, foggers, and any other number of repellent measures doesn’t end in the desired result, you can use residual sprays on your lawn. Residual sprays stay on surfaces for longer amounts of time, and they can even stop mosquitoes from breeding on your yard for up to a month. 


Mosquito Spraying Near Me

We at Skeeter Beater know what it’s like to constantly be bugged by mosquitoes. That is why we have created a healthy, reliable method to get rid of these pests. Skeeter Beater uses the safest, most effective and reliable mosquito control methods available to eliminate the nuisance of mosquitoes. We combine environmentally safe products, state of the art equipment and exceptional customer service to ensure that your summer is mosquito free. Our trained and fully licensed Mosquito Control technicians apply environmentally safe products to your lawn and shrubs using our state of the art equipment. This application kills mosquitoes on contact and then acts as a repellent. Whether your need is commercial or residential, we have the services for you! 

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