Commercial Mosquito Control

Control for Commercial Communities in Chicagoland & Southern Wisconsin

Commercial Mosquito Control

It’s time to prepare your business for mosquito season. Skeeter Beater offers safe and effective methods of commercial mosquito control for commercial properties in Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin. We are the favorite mosquito exterminators for businesses including golf courses, horse farms, corporate campuses, and more. Whether you offer a place to stay, a place to shop, or a getaway, creating a mosquito-free environment should be a priority to keep your customers and your employees safe this summer. Learn more about the myriad benefits of Skeeter Beater’s commercial mosquito control services.


Benefits of Commercial Mosquito Spraying With Skeeter Beater

The best way to reduce mosquitoes on your commercial property is with our services. There are several benefits of commercial mosquito services from Skeeter Beater:

Keep Customers and Employees Safe

Mosquitoes are not just small and annoying. Their bites can pose a serious health risk for your clients and employees. Every business wants to assure customers that their outdoor space is safe. What better way to do it than by ridding your space of mosquitoes? 

Environmentally Friendly Products and State-of-the-Art Equipment 

At Skeeter Beater, we only use the safest, most effective, and most reliable mosquito control methods available. Our products are safe for you, your customers, and your employees. 

Eliminate Other Types of Pests

The proprietary ingredients in our mosquito-eliminating product also eliminate fleas and ticks, to keep your customers extra safe. 

Excellent Customer Service

As a business owner yourself, you understand the importance of customer service. We offer exceptional customer service for all of our clients.

Skeeter Beater Offers Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your business. It is critical that businesses that serve the public or have employees that work in mosquito-prone areas take precautions to protect their customers, staff, and brand. If your commercial community is overrun with mosquitoes, Skeeter Beater is your number one defense against them. We use environmentally safe products to rid you of your mosquito problem for ten days guaranteed, and often up to 21 days of residual. Count on us to protect the health of your employees and customers. We eliminate the nuisance of mosquitoes to keep your business safe and successful.


Commercial Mosquito Control Package Options

At Skeeter Beater, we know that no two commercial properties are the same. We offer various package options for commercial mosquito spraying. Whether you need a spray at your event venue before an upcoming wedding, or you need mosquito control at several of your locations throughout Chicagoland, we are ready to help you. Our team will customize a package for your business’s specific needs.

outdoor weddings

How Do Commercial Mosquito Control Services Work?

Our trained and fully licensed mosquito control technicians apply environmentally safe products to your commercial property using our state-of-the-art equipment. This application kills mosquitoes on contact and then acts as a repellent. The product we use is odorless, stainless, and won’t’ be absorbed through your skin. It has the added benefit of eliminating fleas and ticks, not just mosquitoes. Our product is derived from crushed-up chrysanthemums. There is something in the chrysanthemum flower that deters mosquitoes, and also repels them. After each treatment, the effect is immediate and will reduce mosquitoes by 80 to 90%! We guarantee up to ten days of fewer mosquitoes, but the residual effects can last up to 21 days.

Meet Our Trained Technicians

We are the mosquito extermination experts. Did you know that there are different types of mosquitoes? Our team has what it takes to take on all kinds of mosquitoes. We ensure that each of our technicians is trained in mosquito control and customer service. We are customer fanatics and our service shows! Each one of us is enthusiastic about our jobs, so we always keep up-to-date on the best products and techniques to use for mosquito control. We are trained in treating a diverse array of environments and habitats. We have experience providing commercial mosquito control services for private businesses, municipalities, government agencies, commercial properties, recreational areas, and more.

Benefits of Mosquito Treatments for Businesses

There are several reasons why you should invest in mosquito control for your business:


  • Reduce mosquito populations on your property 
  • Protect your customers/employees/guests/patients/students
  • Protect your brand and reputation 
  • Build consumer confidence

Why Choose Skeeter Beater for Commercial Mosquito Control Services?

Skeeter Beater is Chicagoland’s trusted, superior commercial mosquito exterminator. We are a small family owned and operated business. Our company has been eliminating mosquitoes and other pests for Chicago and Wisconsin businesses since 2002. In addition to our commercial mosquito control services, we also offer residential pest control services.

Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin Commercial Mosquito Treatment

Skeeter Beater is based in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, but we serve businesses across the Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin areas with our commercial mosquito extermination services. Whether your business is in Naperville or Racine, we can help you eradicate mosquitoes from your property. Our service areas include:

Some of the many towns we serve include Lake Forest, Libertyville, Highland Park, Mundelein, Gurnee, Waukegan, North Chicago, Vernon Hills, and Zion. Don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can offer commercial mosquito control services in your area!

Businesses That Can Benefit from Commercial Mosquito Control Services

From horse farms to golf courses, mosquitoes are a problem everywhere. Fortunately, Skeeter Beater offers our commercial services wherever mosquitoes are. We offer commercial mosquito control services for businesses and spaces like:

  • Parks
  • Community Centers
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Summer Camps 
  • Entire Communities/HOAs
  • Event Centers
  • Churches
  • Outdoor Malls 
  • Restaurants and Bars 
  • Sports Fields 
  • Government Agencies
  • Pools
  • Recreational Areas 
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities 
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities with Outdoor Dining, Waiting, and Seating Areas 
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Golf Courses 
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Municipalities 
  • Wedding Venues 
  • Campgrounds
  • Pools
  • Event Caterers 
  • Any Business With an Outdoor Dining or Recreation Area

We’re a small, family owned and operated business

“Did Such a Great Job”

“Kyle did such a great job! I want to thank him for not only spraying the property from his ATV but walking the lines of the patio and sidewalk and being extra careful by the pond.”

— Linda

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