Time to Prepare for Mosquito Season


Time to Prepare for Mosquito Season

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Spring is quickly approaching and we are preparing to head back outdoors for many fun activities. It is a great time to prevent an outdoor activity no one wants to participate in: bug swatting! The moist warmer weather and dense foliage are a perfect storm for mosquito breeding. Sometimes, the mosquitos can get so bad that homeowners can not even enjoy their outdoor spaces. With Skeeter Beater’s certified mosquito abatement services, you can proudly declare your home a mosquito-free zone! While Skeeter Beater is excited to help, there are also tips we can offer for you to help you make your yard a less-appealing home to mosquitos.

Get Rid of Standing Water bug in tire

Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. If you can get rid of standing water, you can stop the spread of the next generation. Mosquitoes do not need a lot of water, so when we think about standing water we are not thinking about small pools or pails of water. Mosquito eggs can hatch in areas as small as a bottle cap. There are larvicide tablets available, as well, to put in small areas of water that will kill the mosquito larvae but are safe for other animals.   While you surely can’t get rid of every last drop of water in your yard, being on the lookout and conscious of standing water is an important start. 

Maintain Your Lawn mosquito control

Since mosquitoes actually can’t fly very well, they enjoy hiding out in tall grass, trees, and shrubs where they can be protected from the wind. If your yard has plenty of overgrown vegetation, you have probably unknowingly created excellent habitat for mosquitoes. Simply cutting your grass short will prevent your lawn from becoming a hotspot for mosquitoes. If you have a lot of bushes and shrubs in your yard, pruning them and keeping them neat will also help. If you can keep the bushes and trees from extending out into your yard, the mosquitoes will stay back where there is some protection from the wind and will not venture into your yard as frequently. 

Call Skeeter Beater! stop mosquitos

While there is a lot that you can do on your own to control the mosquitoes, the best protection is to combine your own efforts with the efforts of professional pest control experts like Skeeter Beater! We can visit your home on a regular basis and apply our spray to kill mosquitoes and prevent larvae from growing. 

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