Top Tips to Prevent Springtime Pests


Top Tips to Prevent Springtime Pests


Put Your Mind at Ease!

Springtime is right around the corner. Just like spring brings new life to the flowers and trees, it also brings new life to the pests that we must worry about. As the weather warms up, the insects which were dormant all winter are ready to re-emerge to breed and start their new colonies. Using the following tips will help prevent an infestation this season.  


Remove Excess Debris!

Insects love an excellent place to hide inside or outside of your home! Once the weather warms up, it is essential to get rid of unused firewood and make sure any items in your yard that could be collecting pooling water are cleaned out and dried. Small pools of water are a mosquito’s favorite place to breed! 


Control Plant Growth!

Ensure that the plant growth in your yard will help prevent insects from finding their way into your home or finding spots to burrow and set up homes. A pest infestation is as easy as one branch touching the exterior of your home. If you have trees that have become overgrown and bushes that seem too bushy, you likely have spots for insects to breed. Overhanging plants create shady, damp areas, and that is where you will probably find many types of bugs. 


Seal All Entry Points!

Chicago is known for its harsh winters. The cold weather and high winds can cause many cracks or holes. Windows and screens are easily damaged during the winter months, and this damage can allow all kinds of pests to find ways into your home. Pest Control Solutions can come and inspect entry points and spray and seal any vulnerable areas. 


Spring Clean Your Gutters!

It is common for pieces of dead wood from tree branches over the house or leaves from the trees to end up in your gutters. While this doesn’t sound like a big problem, the wood from the branches can attract termites, carpenter ants, and more. Also, a gutter clogged with leaves does not let the rainwater through, creating standing water which is notorious for attracting cockroaches, rodents, mosquitos, and more! 


Partner with Pest Control Solutions!

The most effective way to protect your home from the emerging springtime bugs is by partnering with a professional and experienced pest control service like Pest Control Solutions. We provide services like exterior perimeter treatments, sweeping for spider webs, and making sure all entry points are sealed. Take the proactive step to keep your home insect-free this spring and call Pest Control Solutions today! 


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