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Skeeter Beater uses the safest, most effective and reliable mosquito control methods available to eliminate the nuisance of mosquitoes. We combine environmentally safe products, state of the art equipment and exceptional customer service to ensure that your summer is mosquito free. Our trained and fully licensed Mosquito Control technicians apply environmentally safe products to your lawn and shrubs using our state of the art equipment. This application kills mosquitoes on contact and then acts as a repellent.

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What is The Bi-Weekly Package?

Skeeter Beater offers a range of comprehensive packages to cater to diverse needs, ensuring effective mosquito control and a comfortable outdoor experience. Our packages are designed to accommodate various frequencies and occasions. The Weekly Package provides weekly mosquito treatments, ensuring consistent protection throughout the season. For those seeking a slightly less frequent option, the Bi-Weekly Package offers treatments every two weeks, striking a balance between convenience and effectiveness. The Party Spray Package is ideal for special events or gatherings, providing targeted mosquito control for a specific occasion. Additionally, Skeeter Beater offers the Fogging Package, a comprehensive solution that utilizes advanced fogging techniques to treat larger outdoor areas and provide an instant knockdown. With their diverse range of packages, Skeeter Beater offers tailored solutions to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay and allow their customers to enjoy the outdoors without interruption.

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"The Customer Service Was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! From The Initial Sales Call To Services Performed Onsite I Am Thoroughly Impressed With Skeeter Beater So Far. Thank You!"

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