Mosquito Control for Businesses

Mosquito Control Tips for Businesses

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The summertime is prime time for businesses to flourish. With the sun out and the clocks turned forward, people are more likely to spend time outside and around town. Consumers are looking to walk around to enjoy the beautiful weather after the harsh Midwest winter kept them indoors. With customers looking to eat outside and peruse shops and other businesses, as a business owner, you want to create a great customer experience that invites them in. Besides having a beautiful storefront or cohesive landscaping, part of creating a great customer experience is ensuring your business is free of mosquitoes. In addition to being downright annoying, mosquitoes pose a health risk to your customers. Here, we’ll go through mosquito control tips for businesses so that you can ensure they’re not a nuisance to your customers, clients, and other business associates.

Best Way to Kill Mosquitoes

You may own a cafe or restaurant with outdoor seating or a golf course. You could run a wedding venue or own an outdoor mall. Whichever kind of business you operate, if you have an outdoor component, mosquitoes can bug your customers and potentially make them adverse to your business. To avoid this, you’ll want to get rid of mosquitoes as soon as possible not to dampen the customer experience. So, what is the best way to kill mosquitoes? There are two approaches– killing them when they’re in the larval stage or as adults.

Dealing With Larvae

Mosquito larvae are typically found in still bodies of water in the late spring before they grow into adults by the time the summer starts. If your business has a pond, even a small one, or a larger still body of water, you might unknowingly create the perfect home for mosquito larvae to thrive in. The best way to kill mosquitoes is in the larval stage. To do this, you can buy Mosquito Dunks (or similar products) and place it in a still body of water, like a pond. These products will kill mosquitoes while they’re still larvae living in the water. If you have fish in the pond, be sure to get a version of the product that’s safe for them! When it comes to mosquito control tips for businesses, killing mosquitoes at this stage is straightforward yet highly effective. 

Killing Adult Mosquitoes

For the best way to kill mosquitoes as adults, you can look to mosquito sprays. There are chemical and natural oil options available that kill mosquitoes when they come in contact with it. You can choose chemicals like Bifen IT, which is compelling. However, Bifen IT and other chemical mosquito killers are toxic to humans, animals, and mosquitoes, so you might not want it around your customers, depending on where you apply it. 

Natural oil-based options are gaining popularity because they aren’t as toxic to humans and other animals. Natural alternatives include sprays that contain Essentria IC3, which is made up of peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and geraniol 600, which naturally kills mosquitoes by interfering with their nervous system. A second natural option is Wondercide which contains cedar oil, another natural mosquito killer. Cedar oil kills mosquitoes by harming their exoskeletons. In this guide to mosquito control tips for businesses, you have to choose which solution is best for your type of company and client needs.

How to Repel Mosquitoes

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Now, although you might’ve used Mosquito Dunks or applied mosquito killers around your business, mosquitoes can still be relentless as they come from outside your commercial property. In this case, you’ll want to learn how to repel mosquitoes and kill them when you can. Next, we’ll go through how to repel mosquitoes around your business

Plant Mosquito-Repelling Flowers

Some flowers and other plants naturally repel mosquitoes because mosquitoes don’t like their scent. These flowers and plants can be a good solution for your business and look great too! As part of these mosquito control tips for companies, plants and flowers such as marigolds, lavender, mint, sage, and rosemary naturally repel mosquitoes.

Use Mosquito Repelling Devices

You can opt for a mosquito-repellent device in your search for how to repel mosquitoes. Mosquito-repelling machines automatically spray mosquito repellent on a set schedule, depending on the size of your commercial property. The devices release repellent, so you don’t have to apply it to your commercial property.

Install Mesh Curtains

You can also get color mesh curtains to fit your company’s brand and aesthetic. Mesh curtains can keep mosquitoes out of the dining area if you don’t want mosquito repellent. 

Commercial Mosquito Repellent

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While all of these solutions can work and have benefits, and citronella candles don’t work, these suggested solutions also have limitations. So, what effective solution is out there for commercial mosquito repellent? The answer is professional mosquito removal services, like ours at Skeeter Beater. Professional services for commercial mosquito repellent are a long-lasting and robust solution to your business’s mosquito problem. We recommend mosquito control tips for businesses that this guide mentions since they work over the short term. However, professional services get to the root of the problem. Licensed mosquito control technicians know what to look for when dealing with mosquitoes, and they have the expertise to handle professional equipment and products for commercial mosquito repellent. For any type of business, professional mosquito removal services are equipped to work with a wide range of commercial properties and any scale of mosquito prevalence. 

At Skeeter Beater, we understand how annoying mosquitoes can pose a health threat to customers. Our licensed mosquito control technicians are highly skilled and ready to tackle any mosquito challenge. We are based in Hawthorn, Illinois, and proudly serve the surrounding Chicagoland area. Skeeter Beater will work with you and your business to ensure your products get the products needed so your customers can enjoy your company all summer.


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