When Do Mosquitoes Come Out

From having to constantly swat certain bugs away and hearing a certain irritating high-pitched buzzing, you’ve likely noticed that mosquito season is upon us. Knowing when mosquitoes come out is a great way to prepare your home for when these pests become more active. 


Mosquito Season

Mosquito season refers to the time mosquitoes are most active, and thus become a pest for humans trying to enjoy their time outdoors or trying to avoid mosquito bites. In Illinois, mosquito season tends to start in mid-April and end around October. This means mosquito season encompasses all of the summer, as well as the warmer parts of spring and fall. 

mosquito season

During these times, temperatures are around 50˚F overnight. Mosquitoes love warm weather and are most active when temperatures are around 80˚F. They are also often attracted to damp, moist areas where they can lay eggs and reproduce. 

The mosquitoes that actually pose a threat to humans are the females, as they require blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes are less of a direct problem, as they instead feed on nectar for survival. Though they may still be attracted to people in an attempt to meet a female, which can still make them a nuisance. The biggest role males likely play in mosquito season is being a viable partner for females to reproduce with, and therefore give rise to more mosquitoes. 


Illinois Mosquitoes 

There are generally two types of mosquitoes that are found in the Chicagoland area. First are floodwater mosquitoes. These mosquitoes lay their eggs in areas that they know will be flooded later. Once heavy rain arrives, these eggs begin to hatch. While floodwater mosquitoes can be serious biters and are known to travel long distances, they are not known to spread disease in Illinois. 

Vector mosquitoes are the ones that cause problems, as they are named for their ability to carry diseases. These mosquitoes come out after laying their eggs in stagnant water, from the water in an old tin can to still-standing sewage ponds. One vector mosquito, the Asian Tiger mosquito is active during the day and is especially aggressive, making it important to protect yourself against its bites.  


The Dangers of Mosquito Season

Dangers of Mosquito Season

It’s important to remember that when mosquitoes come out, they can bring with them various diseases to people in Lake county. Malaria, dengue, Zika, and West Nile virus are the diseases most commonly associated and spread by mosquitoes. Because of their potential to spread disease, mosquitoes are often called the deadliest animal (to humans) in the world. But it’s not just humans that are at risk of mosquitoes, as they are also known to bite some pets, especially dogs. Mosquitoes aim for parts of a dog that is less covered by fur. Most of the time, these bites just cause itches, but they can sometimes lead to heartworms, causing immature worms (microfilaria) to get into your dog’s bloodstream. Mosquito season is about protecting yourself and your loved ones from these pests.   


Mitigating Mosquitoes 

hand clean gutters

There are a few things you can do to try to handle the mosquito problem on your own. There are lots of things you can do around the house, especially the yard, to help keep mosquitoes at bay, such as keeping your yard clean and without trash, as well as cleaning gutters and other low-lying areas to limit still-standing water. 

Once mosquitoes get inside of the house, that’s often a more difficult problem to solve as they become hard to catch and have lots of places to hide. Coupled with the fact that mosquito traps or essential oils often come with some sort of caveat or a lack of efficiency, the most effective way to handle mosquitoes is to have a professional mosquito control service handle the job. 


Where Do Mosquitoes Come From

where do mosquitos come from

Mosquitoes may feel like they come out of nowhere, but they do often have a source: still-standing water. Mosquitoes spend most of their life cycle in the water, and they come out once they become adults to feed and reproduce. Once they’ve had their fill and are ready, mosquitoes lay their eggs in still-standing water, preferably in dark, damp places. This preference is why it feels like there are more mosquitoes after a spell of rain. Puddles created from rain falls, still pools in ponds and streams, small collections of water in old plastic waste and tires are some favorite mosquito spots. In nature, mosquitoes also often favor swamps, still parts of lakes, treeholes, and any natural low point that can hold water. 

But then where do the first mosquitoes of a season come from? Usually, these mosquitoes have hibernated through the winter in dark, hidden places. Once temperatures are warm enough, they become active again.


When Do Mosquitoes Go Away in Illinois 

In Illinois, Mosquitoes tend to go away around mid-October, or whenever temperature drops below 50˚F for a week and more. Because mosquitoes are cold-blooded animals, they are unable to regulate their body temperature when the weather isn’t warm enough. Therefore, the cold makes mosquitoes go away, or (for some species) at least enter hibernation until it’s warm enough again. Some mosquitoes even have eggs that are made to last through the winter, allowing females to emerge from hibernation in the spring and repeat the process. 

However, climate change, changing precipitation patterns, and warming temperatures means that we’re getting monstrous mosquito seasons that can now start earlier and end later. Climate change may also be increasing the range of mosquitoes, increasing their risk. 


Spend the Season Mosquito-Free 

If you’re looking to spend mosquito season without these biters flying around, Skeeter Beater has you covered. Our services are both residential and commercial, so whether you’ve got a restaurant patio or a backyard that needs some mosquito removal, we have a package and deal to suit your needs. In addition to handling mosquitoes, we also deal with ticks and fleas to help make sure that you can make the most of your summer. Contact Skeeter Beater whenever you want to make sure those mosquitoes beat it. 

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