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Once the summer months come around, the mosquitoes come out to play again. Every year, these pests come out to wreak havoc on our backyards. Lucky for you, there are plenty of solutions to keep mosquitoes away from your yard and out of your life. Plus, you can even help the environment while keeping them away. Now, eco-friendly mosquito control might come across as a contradiction to many. You might think of eco-friendly mosquito yard treatment as ineffective. It’s true that these kinds of mosquito control solutions have a reputation for being unproductive. However, this certainly isn’t always the case. You don’t necessarily need toxic products to beat your yard’s mosquito problem. We at Skeeter Beater are here to show you the benefits of our eco-friendly mosquito control.

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What is Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control?

Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they are all around us during the summer months. Have you ever gone outside in your yard and been seemingly attacked by mosquitoes? Even exposure for just a few minutes can leave you with bites all over your arms and legs. They leave itchy and sometimes painful red bumps on the skin after they bite you. It can be quite annoying trying not to scratch at these bumps left on your skin, especially when they’re all over. Plus, more than just being pesky, mosquitoes sometimes can carry diseases, and scratching too much at their bites can cause infection. 

So what is the solution to the problem that these pests pose? Mosquito yard treatment. Traditionally, the best mosquito control for a yard has been through the use of chemical repellents. Typically, this includes mosquito lawn spray filled with chemicals. However, some of the products that we have historically used to repel mosquitoes have actually proved themselves to be dangerous. Many of these chemical bug sprays can hurt the human body by killing brain cells. Not only that, exposure to these chemicals has been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity. This is only the effect on the human body, though. Chemicals that are known to repel mosquitoes can also hurt other animals, from bees to your own pets. Additionally, these chemicals can contaminate soil and water and repel other forms of wildlife. 

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Best Mosquito Control For Yard

Eco-friendly mosquito control is the best mosquito control for a yard. Companies that offer eco-friendly solutions are simply finding ways to repel mosquitoes without introducing harsh and toxic chemicals to the environment. There are many different methods that are considered eco-friendly, including:

  • Using bacterial insecticides
  • Using botanical insecticides
  • Planting natural deterrents
  • Using natural mosquito lawn spray

Of course, without toxic chemicals, it’s going to be harder to deter mosquitoes from popping up in your yard. But there’s a reason that these chemicals eliminate mosquitoes so quickly. It’s because no life should be around this kind of toxicity, including humans. In general, it’s best not to be around substances that might harm you. It’s even better not to spread these substances around your yard as mosquito lawn spray. Of course, there are certainly still ways to keep mosquitoes from being attracted to your land. This is the main reason you should invest in eco-friendly mosquito control. For your health as well as the health of the environment, eco-friendly solutions are the best mosquito control for your yard. 

Mosquito Yard Treatment 

In this day and age, it’s important to try to live your life as eco-friendly as possible. The Earth is our home, and we should be treating the environment with care and concern. Unfortunately, humans weren’t aware of how acts like pollution can impact the environment so negatively until recently. This is why our individual and collective actions when it comes to the environment are so significant. Even something as simple as spraying your lawn for mosquitoes can have negative effects and consequences on your local ecosystem. This act alone can cause water and air quality to suffer and release toxins into the environment. Not to mention the risks it poses to your own well-being.

Of course, you probably want an effective solution to too many mosquitoes in your yard. Additionally, you probably want what’s best for the environment and your health too. You don’t have to give in to using toxins, and you don’t have to let mosquitoes invade your territory. Maybe all of your efforts to keep mosquitoes from congregating in your lawn have gone unrewarded. Then it might just be time for you to call in the experts. A professional pest control company knows how to take care of your mosquito problem the right way. However, you want to make sure that the company you work with uses eco-friendly mosquito solutions. Otherwise, you might be exposing yourself, your family, your pets, and the environment at large to toxic chemicals. 

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

Get The Best Mosquito Control With Skeeter Beater

At Skeeter Beater, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned company that is also family-friendly. Other mosquito control companies can’t say the same when they spray toxins all over your yard. And not only are we family-friendly, but we’re also environmentally friendly. The outdoors is incredibly important not only to humans but to wildlife as well. Our lawns are our sanctuaries and should be respected as such. This is why no pest control company should be filling your yard with chemicals that are harmful to both humans and animals. It’s important to enjoy your outdoor spaces. This means that you should be able to get away from pests like mosquitoes without compromising your health. Any company worth its salt should be able to help you accomplish this goal.

For more information about eco-friendly mosquito control solutions, take a look at our website. Our blog hosts articles with up-to-date news and information regarding mosquito control. Additionally, you can find more information about our specific services there too. We’re based in Hawthorne Woods, IL, and are proud to serve the entire Chicago area. If you live in Chicagoland and need a pest control company to take care of mosquitoes in your yard, call Skeeter Beater today. 

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