Mosquito Yard Treatments Will Help You Enjoy Your Summer

How Mosquito Yard Treatments Will Help You Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is the best time of the year in so many ways. Child or adult, there’s nothing like a beautiful summer evening on a grassy lawn. Lawn treatment for mosquitoes is a great way to make the summer perfect and avoid the worst part of summer: the bugs. You’re not alone if you are wondering how to control mosquitoes in your yard. Learning some tips for mosquito control will help you love your summer even more. 

Why Control Mosquitoes?

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While mosquitoes may not seem dangerous, they can be harmful in many ways. Mosquito-borne diseases account for many illnesses and deaths around the world every year. Some people are allergic to the bites, which can cause severe swelling and even hospitalization. Anyone who is bit by mosquitoes can expect to be itchy, miserable, and swollen for several weeks, and sometimes the bites can leave scabs which eventually become scars. Keeping mosquito numbers down is so important, and keeping them away from your yard through lawn treatment for mosquitoes or other tactics is essential to your family’s safety and wellness. 

Tips for Mosquito Control

There are several ways to keep the mosquito population down in your area. This not only benefits you and your family, but the surrounding area as well. The more we reduce the mosquito population here in Illinois, the less likely it is that they will cause disease and other problems. 

Standing Water

One of the biggest tips for mosquito control is to get rid of any standing water in your area. If you notice pools or puddles collecting in your yard, get rid of them! This can be done through re-routing the water, draining it with a machine, or working more organic material into your yard. You may also want to aerate your lawn. Get rid of any excess debris like leaves or sticks that may be allowing water to gather on top. If you have any large holes with water in them, close them up. If you are collecting water in containers, be sure to close them off when it isn’t raining. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Learning how to control mosquitoes in your yard is a great start. 


Burning a citronella candle, getting an oil spray, or growing it in your yard is a great way to repel mosquitoes. The odor that the citronella plant produces is repellent to mosquitoes, so they will stay away from it. Unfortunately, citronella only works when it isn’t windy, so mosquitoes can still get to you if there’s even a light summer wind. Other smoke or scents can repel mosquitoes, but these aren’t always effective. 

Spray Repellent

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For you and your family, using a spray repellent can make a difference, but it has to be reapplied every few hours. It also doesn’t get rid of mosquitoes, it just keeps them from biting you. Once the repellent has worn off, the mosquitoes are still there. This isn’t an effective way to know how to control mosquitoes in your yard. 






Almost all bugs are repelled by smoke, which can be achieved in your yard through tiki torches, burning certain plants, or through fires. Fire safety is extremely important when burning anything in your yard. Make sure to check your city’s requirements for burning before doing anything to create smoke in your yard. One of the drawbacks of using smoke to help you figure out how to control mosquitoes in your yard is that it can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. Some people really dislike the smell of smoke and this can create many issues. 


While tips for mosquito control mostly involve outdoor solutions, indoor solutions are important too. If you have problems with mosquitoes inside your home, mosquito netting is a type of woven material which mosquitoes cannot penetrate. When correctly used, it can keep mosquitoes out of your home and away from you. You can use mosquito netting outside as well in smaller, more compact areas. This is a great way to protect yourself, but it can also be difficult to protect a large area, and mosquito netting is limited in where you can hang it up or place it. 

Zappers and Larvicides

Bug zappers are small machines that electrocute mosquitoes in the air. It attracts them and then they get zapped, which does help control mosquitoes in your yard, but it does not stop the issue of them spawning. It can also be dangerous around small children or pets due to its electric shocks. Larvicides are chemicals you can put in standing water or around your home, but these are often poisonous and not safe for children or pets as well. These are good for some situations, but they are not for everyone.  

Lawn Treatment for Mosquitoes

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Residential mosquito control treatments are our specialty at Skeeter Beater. These packages are customizable and available for multiple treatments. These treatments are child and pet safe, safe for the environment, and are even odorless and stainless. This treatment protects your lawn from mosquitoes and other bugs, including fleas and ticks! This kind of lawn treatment for mosquitoes is also available for commercial areas, including for parties and other events. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer events! When you have the right tips for mosquito control, your summer will be so much more fun and safe. 

Controlling Mosquitoes and Other Pests

Mosquitoes aren’t the only bugs in the midwest that cause issues or diseases. Many other pests come out during the summer! Pest control in all its forms is such a beneficial service, and most people don’t even know that there are safe, effective forms of pest control such as lawn treatment for mosquitoes. Keeping your home free of bugs and other pests is essential to your health and happiness. Finding an affordable company you can trust is so important! The results speak for themselves at Skeeter Beater. We do our best to protect you and your family, while keeping our prices affordable. Contact us today for a consultation! 

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