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Questions about Mosquitoes or our application methods?

A lot of people have questions about how we treat your property, or the various bugs or insects serviced by our company. For instance, what is the difference between various kinds of ants? Or you may be wondering what a silverfish infestation looks like. Skeeter Beater helps provide some answers with our blog. Stay up-to-date with all things mosquito and pest control. And, if you have more questions, be sure to give us a call.

 The Life Cycle of a Mosquito

By Skeeter Beater / February 17, 2022 /

   The Life Cycle of a Mosquito     Mosquitoes generally stay on the water’s surface for a brief duration after emerging. This is primarily to facilitate their delicate wings’ drying process and allow their body to solidify and gain strength. Although the exact duration may vary, it can be inferred that mosquitoes spend only…

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Top Reasons YOU Need Winter Pest Control

By Skeeter Beater / January 28, 2022 /

  Top Reasons YOU Need Winter Pest Control   It is common to believe, especially in the Chicagoland area, that with the freezing temperatures we are experiencing, we have no need to worry about pests. The truth, however, is that these pests we think have died or disappeared are actually making their way into our homes…

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Mosquitoes: Winter Survivors?

By Skeeter Beater / January 1, 2022 /

  Mosquitoes: Winter Survivors? Wintertime means colder temperatures. Wintertime also means pesky mosquitoes do a disappearing act! Sadly, as soon as spring appears, so do those obnoxious bug bites! Mosquitoes, while not as prevalent during winter, are still able to survive the frigid temps. It is important to know how they spend winter preparing to…

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Not a creature was stirring…..not even a….. MOUSE

By Skeeter Beater / December 21, 2021 /

    Not a creature was stirring…..not even a….. MOUSE It is that time of the year when the colder weather is bringing unwanted pests in to find warmer places to make their nests for winter. It is very important to look at the nesting habits of mice to know how they get inside of…

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