Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is it safe for pets & kids?

Yes! The treatments are safe for all pets and kids. Our treatments are odorless, stainless and non toxic. It’s comparable to flea and tick medicine.

How effective is it?

It’s effective immediately, its recommended that it dries which usually takes a hour. It has residual to last 28 days in a perfect environment. Weather (rain, humidity and UV rays) will break down the treatment over time.

Is it EPA approved?

Yes, it is also applied by a licensed applicator from the local department of agriculture. Our applicators are licensed to be sure the treatments are correctly done.

Is it applied by a backpack?

No, our treatments are applied by high pressure high output tank sprayers. Compared to our competitors, we apply 10 times more the spray. We can if requested use a backpack sprayer.

Other companies treat just the perimeter of yard and house with backpack sprayers, is this what Skeeter Beater does?

Skeeter Beater treats those areas and more! All vegetation, up to 25’ into the trees, and all turf. Skeeter Beater offers the most coverage in the industry.

Does the treatment work against fleas and ticks?

It sure does. Mosquitoes are the focus but you get added coverage. While other companies upsell this as an additional cost its included in our applications. It also helps with spiders, ants and other biting pests.

How soon can we get service?

If in our primary service area, usually with in 48 hours

How soon can we use our yard?

Within an hour after the application

Why do you apply once a week while your competitors apply once every 3 weeks?

After many years of experience we find that a weekly application is far more effective at killing and preventing mosquito presence than every three weeks.

What is your pricing based on?

Pricing is based on the size of your yard and the number of times we spray. We offer packages from one-time use to complete summer relief, and everything in between. We can customize a package to achieve the coverage you need within your budget. Call today to speak with one of our Skeeter Beaters about pricing.

How does your product work?

We apply a liquid application to all vegetation, grasses, trees, and bushes. We also apply to the underside of decks and other areas where mosquito’s hide. Anytime a mosquito comes in contact with a sprayed surface, our product reacts with the fatty acids of the mosquito and eliminates it.

How long does an application last?

Our liquid applications generally last 7-10 days, depending on weather. They last with varying effectiveness up to two weeks. We also offer other services such as Larviciding and can also apply fog-based applications. These work with varying degree of effectiveness, based on mosquito populations and weather.

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