Rodent Problem?

We get rodents out for good!

Time to expose a dirty secret in the pest industry. Some companies out there will control a mouse infestation, and do a good job at it. They have no plans to actually solve the problem for good, though. Here at Pest Control Solutions by Skeeter Beater, we look for the solution. Our service focuses on finding and closing rodent entry points, so that we can stop the influx of new mice into a structure. That way once we get all the mice out of your house, it stays that way.


The house mouse and the deer mouse are the two main invaders when it comes to rodents. Aside from the nearly 50 droppings a day they leave around a home, they can also leave behind dangerous diseases such as hantavirus. Rodents gnawing is also one of the main causes of house fires, because of their habit of chewing electrical wires. Rodents usually enter the home at the lower level, and will spread into more and more of the house if left unchecked. If you have mice, it means there is something wrong with the house that allowed them in. Don’t let mice take over your home! We will locate entry points, eliminate mice inside, and provide you with a rodent free home.


Residents near the city of Chicago and anyone leaving along the lakeshore should know a little bit about the rats that plague the city. Compared to mice, rats are extremely intelligent. They are very apprehensive of new things in their environment, which could be traps or bait meant to control them. They are also excellent burrowers, which means they may get under your house without having to go through it like a mouse would. When it comes to rats, we bring the big guns. We also use their habits against them. Rat problem? Leave it to us.

What is Exclusion?

Exclusion is that act of sealing a home or business of all potential entry points, so that mice and rats cannot get in. Not every building can get rodents, but the ones that can definitely will. Rodents will circle a building looking for any hole they can fit in, and it doesn’t take much. A mouse can fit in any hole big enough to fit a finger. When a structure gets mice inside, it is not any one person’s fault unless you leave doors open for extended periods of time. It is the fault of the building itself. Minor exclusion and sealing of small holes is included in our regular service package. If the building requires extensive exclusion work in multiple areas, our trained team can get the work done and keep rodents out for good, often for significantly less than our competitors.

Animals under the porch?

Anybody with a concrete porch might know the struggles of keeping animals out from under it. Any time of the year, animals like skunks might decide that they want to live right under your front door. Sometimes this means the smell of skunk gets inside without anybody even bothering the animal! On top of that, nuisance animals like chipmunks may undermine brick walks, causing them to collapse. Here at Pest Control Solutions by Skeeter Beater, we do not trap and kill offending animals. We install special underground barriers and mechanisms that allow them to leave, but not come back. We can install barriers around patios, decks, sidewalks, and detached structures like sheds to keep animals out from under them, guaranteed.

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