Chicago Among Top Mosquito Cities in the US
Chicago Among Top Mosquito Cities in the US

mosquito-300x169In a recent report, Chicago has been listed as #2 among ten US cities based upon number of mosquito control customers serviced in 2014.

While biting mosquitos can a nuisance they are also dangerous and sometimes deadly. The biggest health concern is West Nile virus. Last year, there were four deaths and 42 reported cases of West Nile in Illinois according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Chikungunya is a newer mosquito-borne virus also on the Center for Disease and Prevention’s radar this season. Typical symptoms include a fever and joint pain.

There is no vaccine or specific treatment for Chikungunya. The CDC is now classifying it as a “nationally notifiable condition.” There have been more than 70 reported cases in the U.S. this year.

The only way to prevent West Nile virus or Chikungunya is to prevent mosquito bites.

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